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Historically Ghorwane is named after a lake in the district of Chibuto, considered miraculous because its waters never disappear even in times of drought.

Ghorwane is part of an 11 member band, headed by Carlos Gove who is a composer and plays the Bass Guitar. The band was founded in 1983 following the split of the Xigutsa Vuma Band from Simeon Mazuze (Salimo Mohamad), after a musical contest by the Mozambican Entertainment Company (EME), held that same year.

Just like the historical lake, Ghorwane, the band has survived its own shares of up and downs to become the country’s largest post-independence band, and surpassed all expectations by becoming the most well-known Band across the country and beyond borders.

In 1985 The late President Samora Machel called the Band “The Good Guys” in a gesture of recognition of his work that was an example of Mozambican that the band themes illustrated, identifying himself thus, with the Band for its boldness.

The band, which has toured various countries in Africa and Europe, continues to soldier on despite the loss of some founding members such as; Zeca Alage (1993), Pedro Langa (2001) and the departure of other founding members such as David Macuácua and Tchika currently residing in Spain.

Ghorwane released their first album “Majurugenta” in 1990 and went on to release 3 more albums with the latest “Kukavata” being released in 2015.